Aidan Shaw Working To Reach Dream

Since he was little, Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller junior defensive tackle Aidan Shaw and his brother Alan “Deuce” Shaw II have heard the stories about Moeller high school and the University of Louisville.

Shaw’s father, Alan Shaw, played for the Crusaders in the mid-80s before going to Louisville to continue his academic and athletic career.

“I knew I was going to school at Moeller from the time I was born,” said Shaw. “I always knew and always wanted to end up at Moeller. There is a brotherhood there and knowing my dad is still best friends with everybody he went to school with is special. I’m looking forward to building my own lifelong bonds with my brothers.”

At 6-foot-3, 265-pounds, Shaw got his first taste of recruiting by attending some camps this summer.

“The first camp I attended was Indiana,” he said. “It was the first major football camp I’ve ever been to and it was fun and exciting. I learned a lot of new things from Coach (Mark) Hagen as he taught me about the college game and how they practice and gave me things in camp I can use today and when I get to college.”

Having followed in his fathers’ footsteps Shaw found himself on the Louisville campus for his second camp.

“Louisville was probably my best camp,” he continued. “I was very comfortable there and it may have had something to do about my dad having attended and played there. Louisville has always been one of the top schools I’ve thought about attending.

“It’s close to home and the fact my dad played there and has told many stories about his time there and being part of the team has played a role in that. I think it would make going to college more fun knowing he went there, and I would make a whole lot of brothers from the people he knows and is still best friends with from his time there.”

Shaw’s third and final camp also had him feeling comfortable with his surroundings.

“Cincinnati was my final camp and it was really fun,” he stressed. “There were a lot of guys from Cincinnati we got to compete against and show Coach (Luke) Fickell and the other coaches what we could do.”

With his junior season at hand, Shaw is looking forward to leaving his own mark on the Crusaders program.

“Right now, I’m number one on the depth chart at defensive tackle,” he said. “We have three of us that rotate in and I’m excited as I feel this is my year to breakout so our coaches at Moeller and college coaches can see what I can do.

“Camp was great as football is something I’ve always loved. Being able to be a fulltime football player during the summer and being in camp with my brothers and being able to grow, compete and just hangout with each other as friends and classmates is something I’ll always remember.”

As for what earning a scholarship offer means to him. Shaw was not shy in talking about reaching a goal he’s been working towards.

“Earning a scholarship would be a dream come true, said Shaw. “No matter what school or level that first offer, I feel, will be the most important and the most heartfelt one for me. I feel it will help kickstart all my other recruiting and help me realize a dream I’ve had since I was a little kid of getting to college and maybe even getting to the NFL. It would be a little steppingstone to help me grow as a player and as an athlete.”

As for possible campus visits this fall. Shaw and his family are looking to make several.

“We’re looking at a few colleges to visit for games,” he said. “We’re looking at Cincinnati when they play UCLA. We’re also looking at Michigan State, Indiana, Louisville and some other local colleges.”

Shaw may be an unknown in the football recruiting world at this time. However, we feel from what we’ve seen at camps and during a recent scrimmage he’ll soon be one of the top prospects being talked about in the 2021 recruiting class.


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