Motivation takes each of us on different paths in life. For Cincinnati (Ohio) Withrow 2021 lineman Aries Lamb, he’s finding a renewed sense of the possibilities football could provide. However, he also knows the lack of past motivation means he’s got to put in extra work to achieve his dreams.

“Coach (Kali) Jones is great,” said Lamb. “Honestly, he’s better than our last coach as he keeps us focused on and off the field and motivates us. I know I can’t cuss, but he stays on our butts and makes sure we’re focused.”

Recently, the Cincinnati City Schools football coaches put together a college combine day. Something Lamb and many others looked to take full advantage of.


“The combine was very inspirational,” he said. “I needed that motivation lately as I’ve needed to get my grades up. We don’t always get this many looks as many think we’re a downgrade as compared to the rest of the state. So, we’ve got to grind, but getting all these coaches here is great.”

Now with a more positive attitude and the desire to do more than just get by, Lamb is more focused than ever to work towards a bigger goal.

“I’m not the only one out there with this height and weight,” he stressed. “I know I’ve got to keep working and this was very motivating as I’m trying to go to a great college so I can provide for my family.”

What would it mean if Lamb can tell his family his college will be paid for from the game of football?

“It would mean a lot,” he said. “We don’t have a lot of people in my family who go to college. My mother is bad, so I must do it for her. If I can earn scholarship offers, she will be a proud mother.”

If Lamb can take care of his work in the classroom there is no reason college coaches would not take a hard look at bringing him into their program. The physical skills are there for him to play at a high level if he puts the work in and believes in himself.


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