Brendon Lowry Knows Football Steppingstone to Life

When looking at high school prospects in the Class of 2020 one name may get overlooked by those looking for the highest ranked prospects. However, for Cincinnati (Ohio) Winton Woods lineman Brendon Lowry, he knows the real importance of the game.

Recently, Lowry and his teammates hosted college coaches from all different levels with many learning more about what makes Lowry one of the Warriors most important players on and off the field.

“Working out for the coaches was really fun and entertaining,” said Lowry. “I felt I made an impact and showed college coaches what I could do.”

At 5-foot-11, 270-pounds, Lowry knows his recruitment is not going to take on the same form as several of his teammates who’ve earned offers from some of the bigger names in college football. How important is using the game to advance in the real world?

“It is very important,” he said. “Football is a steppingstone to use to get to your life and career. Certain people go to college to get to their future career. For me, I’m going to use it to go to college for film and media arts.”

How did Lowry get the but to work in film?

“My interest in the field is how it’s work, but it’s fun work,” he said. “I found myself during my sophomore year in class getting my very first video project. While everyone in class was like, we’ve got to make a video? Dang it…. I started and was up to like three in the morning. However, I was having fun and I was like, this is work? This is awesome. Then I fell in love with it the more I was using awesome effects and stuff like that.”

While Lowry takes pride in watching his fellow teammates have great success on the field. He knows it makes his role as a leader that much more important.

“By them taking their game to the big show, it makes me feel like more of a leader,” he said. “While people often consider the leader as the guy hyping everybody up, that mainly is not what it really is. To be the best leader, you must also be the best follower first. I believe that every day.

“I don’t immediately go to the front of the line as I make sure everyone is together, cool, calm and collective making sure we get our job done. In the classroom, I try to do it with my teammates, but, I do it and they end up getting frustrated. At the end of the day, it’s all about me and what I’ve got to do.”


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