Cameron Fancher Picking up Recruiting Steam

After starting the recruiting process with some uncertainty, Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne quarterback Cameron Fancher has seen things pick up over the past few weeks. spoke with the 6-foot-2, 190-pound athlete about his first offers and schools showing interest.

“Right now, I’ve got offers from Austin Peay, Eastern Kentucky, Fordham, and Eastern Illinois,” said Francher.

Francher talked about each program.

Austin Peay – I spoke with their head coach, Mark Hudspeth. I know they led their conference last season and won eleven games. They said they did that with a back-up quarterback. They said they like a dual-threat type of guy and feel I’d be a good fit there.

Eastern Kentucky – I’ve not done a lot of research on their offense yet as I know they have a new head coach and staff. They told me they like a dual-threat guy and feel I would be a good fit there.

Fordham – I’m talking with Coach (Evan) Durand and I’ve talked with Coach (Kevin) Decker, their offensive coordinator, and quarterbacks coach. They talk a lot about their academics and I know they are in the Patriot League. They like a dual-threat guy and an athlete as if it doesn’t work out at quarterback, they can move me to a different position to help the team. I’ve also been able to trade messages with their head coach, Joe Conlin.

Eastern Illinois – I’ve been talking with Coach (Mark) Philmore. He knows my head coach, Coach (Roosevelt) Mukes. Coach Philmore said he was at our spring showcase last year and liked me then.

They were the first school to Facetime me and I thought it was weird at first as I’d never done that before. But they explained they were doing that since I can’t go to campus and they can’t visit me. They said this way we can see each other and get to know each other better.

I also talked with Coach (Chris) Batti, their quarterback’s coach and Coach (Adam) Cushing, their head coach. They talked about their history and how quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo and Sean Payton played there. They said they run the spread and like a dual-threat kind of guy as well.

Each program that has offered Fancher has offered him at quarterback and that is exciting for the Warriors signal-caller.

“It feels good to have schools offer me at quarterback,” he said. “My first love is playing quarterback and this means I’m catching the eyes of coaches with what I’ve done on the field.”

Even with college football being shut down like the rest of the country that hasn’t stop other programs from showing interest or stop Fancher from being frustrated with what is happening to him and all the prospects in the 2021 recruiting class.

“Bowling Green, Georgetown, Yale, Harvard, Marshall, Ball State, Miami, Toledo, Ohio, Lehigh and Cincinnati have all been in contact,” he said. “Two days ago, Coach (Brad) Cornelsen from Virginia Teach reached out to me.

Things are frustrating right now as I want to see the places recruiting me and I feel it’s holding my recruiting back as a lot of coaches want to see me workout in person.”

Fancher has made sure to stay active during his time away from his team to make sure he’s ready for the day camps or the season is ready to start.

“I have my weights in my garage to keep up on my bench and squats and I’ve also got dumbbells to work with. When the weather is nice I’m also going out for runs. The weather has been good lately so I’ve been able to do that more.

“But I can’t wait to get back to normal life and hope that makes recruiting go a little better. I’m hopeful we get a chance to do some camps this summer.”

A solid student, Fancher currently has a 3.5 GPA and scored a 20 the first time he took the ACT with him now preparing to take the test a second time to get a higher score.

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