Carrington Valentine Talks Recent Visits

First Star Football Report four-star defensive back Carrington Valentine has enjoyed a busy spring break visiting a handful of colleges.

We caught up with the 6-foot-0, 178-pound defender for the latest.

I visited Boston College just the other day,” said Valentine. “I like it there and had a chance to meet some of the players. They have good facilities and kind of resembles Moeller a lot to be honest. While Moller is a Marianists school, Boston College is a Jesuit school that gives me that same kind of feeling.

“While there I met with one of the deans about the major, I’m interested in. I’m looking at business or business management and there are a lot of great companies close by as your right there next to the city. What I like is how they stress they work close with the football players and the path they want to go as there is a life after football.

“I spent time with Coach (Ricky) Brown and Coach (Eric) Lewis while there. Coach Brown is an Elder grad and we’re starting to build a tight relationship as he knows a lot about Cincinnati. He knows a lot of things I know like the competition I face because he played in the same league as I play in.”

As for any concerns about the distance away from home playing a factor in his future decision. Valentine stresses there is one thing that trumps being away from home.

“Being away from home is not a problem,” he stressed. “If I’m getting a great education from a school like Boston College, I would strongly consider them because of their education.”

Another visit saw Valentine stay in the Atlantic Coast Conference but closer to home when he visited Pittsburgh.

“Pittsburgh is kind of like Boston College,” he said.  “Their business school is good because the school is right there in the city and there are all these internships available to prepare you for life after football. The football team is pretty good too and that is a good thing.

“I sat down with Coach (Archie) Collins and he wants me to come up there again. He said I might want to come to camp so he can work with me and I can see if I like the way he coaches.”

Two more high academic schools in the ACC also received visits as Valentine made stops at Duke and Wake Forest.

“Duke was really nice,” he stressed. “I got to spend time with Coach (Derek) Jones, and I like how he coaches. He knows his players and knows their personalities. I can tell he’s a smart football coach by how he interacts with them on the field. While some coaches just want you for football, Coach Jones prepares you for life and little things like how you interact with people on an every day basis because you’re not always going to be playing football.

“I also got to talk with Coach (David) Cutcliffe and he talked about how he really likes Cincinnati.

“I visited Wake Forest when I went down to Duke since they are close together. They are also a lot like Moeller as it’s a small school. I got a chance to talk with Coach (Dave) Clawson and Coach (Ryan) Crawford. They told me I had a chance to come there and compete for a starting spot if I decide to go there.”

Closer to home, Valentine also spent time on the campus of Miami Ohio.

“Miami is close to home and they have a great education,” he said. “I got a chance to sit down with Coach (Chuck) Martin and talk about my future and how they really want me there.”

Thursday was another visit with a trip to East Lansing and Michigan State.

“I’ve been there before and saw the football facilities,” he explained. “This time I want to see more of campus and spend more time with Coach (Paul) Haynes.”


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