The question asked the most the past few months has centered on the 2020 Ohio high school football season.

Will we play football this fall?

Parents, players, coaches, and fans have asked over and over with no clear answer.

Tuesday, the Ohio High School Athletic Association may have shown their hand in taking the first step towards pushing or ending football this fall when they indefinitely suspended football scrimmages in August.

In an administrator update sent to OHSAA member schools’ superintendents, principals, and athletic administrators, Interim Executive Director Bob Goldring updated the continued conversations with the Governor’s Office on plans to begin high school sports starting in August.

The update stated things are on track for low/non-contact sports with school vs. school scrimmages and contests to start as scheduled.

However, the next part of the update is where football, soccer, field hockey, and cross country took their hit.

"We are on track for the contact sports of football, soccer, field hockey and cross country to begin practices on August 1. We are waiting for more guidance from the Governor's Office and Department of Health on when school vs. school competition can begin and are hopeful of that permission being granted for our normal contest dates later in August. To that end, school vs. school scrimmages are SUSPENDED. We do not anticipate that suspension changing soon and their remains the possibility that no scrimmages will be permitted in the contact sports of football, soccer and field hockey."

While many felt football looked headed in a positive direction. This update seems more like the first step of pushing the start of the season into later in the fall or worst-case scenario to spring.

While we understand the need to continue conversations and taking guidance from the Governor’s office and Department of Health, we wonder how having no scrimmages before the end of August would be any different than when the season is scheduled to kickoff.

What are your thoughts on this latest development?

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