Parents are feeling the pressure of football recruiting as early as Junior High. In episode #4 of The Dave Berk Podcast. 
In this episode Dave is joined by good friend Mike Kostoff of Total Student Athlete.  Mike is a former college football coach who is now an educator in Michigan and has spoken at many recruiting seminars with Dave over the years.
Mike also produced Win All Four, a workbook and guide to be used by parents and student-athletes during their four years of high school to help them stay up to date on where the student athletes stands with NCAA requirements.
The podcast is broken down into three main sections.
In the first section, Mike and Dave talk about what parents of Junior High students should be thinking about when it comes to recruiting.
In the second part of the podcast, they discuss a major injustice against Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen, a senior prospect committed to Northwestern and Pat Fitzgerald. Yaseen, who is ranked as high as the No. 8 player in the state of Michigan, was ruled ineligible to play this fall because he took freshman classes while being homeschooled in eighth grade prior to enrolling at Walled Lake Western High School.
To close out this episode of the podcast, the discussion turns to those student-athletes heading into their freshman years in the next few weeks.
To purchase Win All Four, please follow this link. WIN ALL FOUR