Last summer we had a chance to catch Sidney (Ohio) Lehman Catholic offensive lineman Evan Fogt in a couple of camps. At the time Fogt was all arms and legs at around 6-foot-5, 210-pounds. However, we saw the future potential Fogt had if he looked to pursue a football future working on his skill set while adding bulk and strength.

However, just prior to the start of the season we learned Fogt had a setback with a season ending injury.

“The week before the season, during a scrimmage, I went down with an injury that required surgery and forced me to miss the entire season,” said Fogt. “It was one of the most painful experiences I’ve had in my life as I was getting into a leadership role on the team. Having to sit on the sidelines while everybody was out there, was hard to watch.”

Not only did the injury end his football season but also ended a promising year wrestling.

“In football I was going to start of both sides of the ball,” he said. “It also ended my wrestling season as I had high expectations as I was one point away from making districts last year. It sucked… everything was taken away in an instant, but it also taught me about myself.”

Faced with taking a step back or fighting forward, Fogt did the later and will soon reap the rewards of his faith and hard work.

“I know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “Some of your darkest days will turn into your brightest days. I knew I had to keep working and didn’t have time to sit around, mope, or feel bad about myself. I just had to fight and keep moving forward.”

While Fogt couldn’t attack things on the field he used his time by killing it in the weight room adding the bulk and strength college programs will be looking for when recruiting an offensive lineman.

“I’m now between 6-foot-5 and 6-foot-6 and weight between 265-pounds and 270-pounds,” he said. “I just maxed my best bench this week and will soon have my final physical therapy appointment and get a full release from the doctor.”

Last summer Fogt camped at Miami University and Ohio University and made a game day visit with the RedHawks this season.


I thought Miami was amazing as they have a great campus and their facilities are world class. At camp I enjoyed working with Coach (George) Barnett their offensive line coach. The whole coaching staff was great, and I just loved everything I saw around campus. I went down for a game in November when they played Akron and like how they play. I like how close to home it is and they’ve good great academics. I feel Miami could be a great fit for me.


I camped at Ohio University and loved how scenic everything was. It’s a world class place with some of the best facilities I’ve seen. They have a great coaching staff and I really liked working with Coach (Allen) Rudolph their offensive line coach. After camp he spent a lot of time talking with me about the things I needed to work on, and I could see myself playing for him. I felt their weight room was one of a kind and it’s a special place no doubt.

Fogt knows without junior film summer camps are going to play a huge role in his recruitment. However, he also feels coaches will see a different prospect when they see him next.

“Last summer was shaky to be honest,” he said. “I think what I’ve done with myself and what I’ve developed into is not the same player coaches saw last summer. I think last summer was a good start to get my name out there and to be seen. But I’m looking forward to showing them what I can do now and not what they saw last summer.”

Fogt has already taken the ACT early scoring a 23 and looking forward to taking it again knowing more about what the test is all about. While football is important academics will be key when it comes time to select a college.

“In college I’m looking to earn a business or finance degree,” he said. “Growing up I’ve always had a lot of interest in professional flight and becoming a commercial pilot. So, that could also be something I look at. I’m looking for a university where academics are as good as their athletics as education is one of the most important things in my life.”

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