First Star Logistics “In the Trenches” with Dave Lapham

First Star Football Report publisher Dave Berk joined Dave Lapham for his First Star Logistics “In the Trenches” podcast to talk Southwest Ohio High School football playoffs. In this episode, Anderson head coach Evan Dreyer and Hamilton Badin head coach Nick Yordy will talk about their upcoming games with a discussion about key players and what they need to do to advance. 

Podcast Breakdown

Division I – Region 4 title game between St. Xavier and Lakota West.
Division 2 – Region 8 match-up between Anderson and La Salle with guest Anderson head coach Evan Dreyer.
Division 3 – Region 12 rematch between Kettering Alter and Hamilton Badin with guest Rams head coach Nick Yordy.
Shoutout to West Clermont head coach Nick Ayers.
Quick Hits – Other games to watch. Kings @ Winton Woods, Valley View @ Wyoming,  Versailles @ Roger Bacon.

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