Hidden Gem: Nick Beemer

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to meet one of Ohio’s biggest “Hidden Gems” when we watched Evergreen High School product Nick Beemer in action at a training event in Cincinnati.

In all my years of covering recruiting in Ohio, I don’t recall another prospect from the Fulton County school but feel this one could soon be seeing college coaches taking interest.

One of the biggest surprises when learning more about Beemer was the fact, he’s a middle linebacker at his school as well as a tight end who lines up more as a wide receiver.

At 6-foot-4, 255-pounds, Beemer does not pass the eye test as a future linebacker. From our observation, we came away feeling his future looks extremely promising as an offensive lineman. After watching some film, we could see some programs might have an interest in looking at him as a future defensive tackle. We have stayed with our first thoughts and listed him in our 2020 prospect database as an offensive lineman.

We caught up with Beemer on Thursday night for a quick update and learned one program is taking notice.

We feel in the coming weeks Beemer will see more than the Falcons taking notice in this hidden gem of a prospect in the Class of 2020.


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