One of the players we saw this past summer at the Midwest Athletics Hillsdale College Honor Roll Showcase was junior running back/linebacker Charlie Sumerel of Indian Hill High School. Sumerel carried his summer success into his junior season and spoke with about his season and recent college visits.

Despite missing a couple games this season with an injury, Sumerel ended the season with over 550 yards on only 60 carries and six rushing touchdowns while also posting double digits in tackles on defense. While the season may have ended before Sumerel was ready, he feels he learned a lot that will carry over to next season.

“I really figured out what it means to win and what it takes to win,” stressed Sumerel. “A lot of people say it’s about doing your own job and if you do your own job, your team can succeed and get pretty far. I felt this year was a great step for next year as I would like to become a team captain. I feel I can fill that role next season for this team.”

This year the 6-foot-2, 210-pound junior got a firsthand look at playing against a future Division One college player in two games against Wyoming and future Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback Evan Prater. How did playing in those type of games help Sumerel with his development?

“I think this year playing against great teams like Wyoming and a player like Evan Prater and their other good athletes helped me improve my game,” he said. “Anytime you play a team like Wyoming, you’re playing in a great atmosphere against great players and a great team. “

Having recently visited Indiana and Miami Ohio, Sumerel talked about each visit.

“Indiana has a great business school and I love their campus,” he said. “The energy in their facility was great and the coaches were nice. I had a chance to speak with a couple of their coaches like Coach Hiller and Coach (William) Inge. Coach Inge is real energetic and he seemed real about the process. You can see he has a great passion for coaching his kids and he’s a great coach with a lot of experience and someone I would love to play for.

“Miami Ohio, I really enjoyed the visit and you can see they have continued to upgrade their facilities a lot. Their business school is great and just up the road from where I live. I didn’t really get a chance to speak with any of the coaches but I’m familiar with Miami as my dad is a graduate.

“Miami would be a great opportunity. To play there and follow in my dad’s footsteps while playing for a great academic school with great football would be huge.”

A multi-sport athlete (basketball), Sumerel has already set some plans for this winter, spring and summer.

“I play basketball during the winter,” he said. “However, my goal this year is to get to as many on campus visits and camps this summer to get in front of as many coaches as I can.”

Sumerel knows football is a small part of his big plan and is working just as hard off the field.

“One of the main things I’m looking for in a college is a school with great academics,” he stressed. “Football is only going to be with me for a certain part of time. So, I’m looking for a school with a great business school while also looking at the other factors to make sure I find the perfect all-around fit.”

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