There is no mistaking one of the top prospects in the Class of 2020 is Cincinnati (Ohio) Winton Woods running back Miyan Williams.

Having a chance to watch the 5-foot-10, 210-pound back in action was a treat and for those who love a hard charging full effort back, make sure you get out to a Winton Woods game this fall.

With some impressive early offers, Williams is a player who has posted big stats early in his career with big things expected out of him in his final go around this fall.

Last season Williams posted 2,842 rushing yards with 38 touchdowns as the Warriors came up one game short of making a return trip to the state championship game.

While some will look and judge Williams on his height in the area of 5-foot-10, they really need to look at the balance, quick feet and power he runs the ball with before passing judgement.

There is a lot to like about Williams and while some programs may look to get him on campus during camp season, his growing offer list might keep him from having to spend much time hitting the summer camp circuit.

Here is a look at several different areas when evaluation Miyan Williams.

VISION: Williams seems to be able to see things others don’t when running the ball. If you watch him on film, you see a back who makes quick decisions on where he’s going to run. Some may look at him as not using his offensive linemen. However, when you watch closely, you see how quickly his vision reacts to what cutting lane is open. With his ability to anticipate where to go once through the hole, Williams almost seems to have eyes in the back of his head when defenders are in chase mode. Add in his ability to stretch the edge based on how defenders and blockers in front of him react and you see why he’s special.

DECISIVENESS: Very rarely do you see Williams hesitate when deciding on what he’s going to do when he gets the ball. This is one of the most important traits you can find in a back and gives him an advantage.

EXPLOSIVENESS: While we don’t know what Williams runs a 40 in, we know he’s explosive with great acceleration. Add in the two previous areas we talked about and you can see why Williams posted the numbers he does. He wastes very little time in finding a lane and then exploding through it.

AGILITY: This is where we feel Williams sets himself apart from other backs. Not afraid to run between the tackles, Williams shows off his agility with the many defenders who miss making a tackle when he changes direction. Not only does Williams make defenders miss, he does a great job of keeping his balance and hitting another gear in the process.

TOUGHNESS/PHYSICALITY: Many backs are finesse players who look to run out of bounds and avoid contact. Williams does not shy away from running between the tackles and does a great job of lowering his shoulder and dish out some punishment. This also helps Williams from going down on first contact as it often takes several to bring him down.

PASSING GAME: While Williams has no problem staying in to protect the quarterback, the area some coaches would like to see more of is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. While there is not a lot of game film to watch, having watched Williams in pregame warm-ups has allowed for me to see he has solid hands and should be able to do anything a college coach would want from him out of the position.



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