Marshall Lang Talks Spring Break Visits

One of the top prospects in the Class of 2020 is Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier tight end Marshall Lang.

This week has the 6-foot-4, 225-pound tight end on spring break making several on campus visits starting with a school he’s heard a lot about from his mom.

 “Purdue was today (Monday),” said Lang. “Coach TJ Watkins introduced himself to us when we arrived and showed us around the weight room, facilities, and meeting rooms. It was all fabulous. We then met Coach (Jeff) Brohm and talked with Coach (Ryan) Wallace. I was really impressed with what I saw, and practice went really well.”

Lang didn’t know what to expect from the visit other than what he’s heard from his mother (Bonnie Overmann) who played golf for the Boilermakers in the early 80’s and was the teams MVP in 1981.

“Right when I walked inside, it was magnificent,” he said. “The facilities caught my eye as they are brand new.  They told me they were built in 2017 and finished in 2018. But everything has been redone since my mom attended Purdue. She said everything was old when she was there, but you can see what they’ve done and it’s just beautiful.”

What has Lang’s mother said about her time on campus?

“She doesn’t talk a lot about campus,” he said. “But she talks about her golfing days and the memories she had there and that she really loved it.”

Following practice Lang didn’t expect anything extra but was surprised when Coach Brohm came looking for him.

“After practice, my dad and I were on the sidelines waiting until the short team meetings to finish with the positions,” he explained. “Then, Coach Brohm came right towards us and started up a conversation about how I liked it, what I liked and if I was interested in going there. Coach is a really nice guy.”

What would an offer from Purdue mean for Lang?

“It would be cool to go get an offer from them as they are a really big school, a Big Ten school,” he said. “And since my mom went there, I could follow in her footsteps.”

The rest of the week has several visits planned and Lang talked about each of them.

“We’re visiting Ohio State tomorrow for practice,” continued Lang. “My expectations are high, and I feel like it will be a fun visit. Wednesday the plan is to visit Northwestern and Thursday, Michigan State.

“I’m really excited about Michigan State as they are a big tight end school. I’ve been talking with Coach (Paul) Haynes a little bit and we caught up recently to get ready for the visit. I feel it will be a great visit.”

Lang is interested in seeing a former St. Xavier Bomber tight end when in East Lansing.

“I did not know Noah Davis when he was here, but my brother played lacrosse with him and he’s a big man.”

The weekend will bring two more visits for Lang.

“Friday we’re going to Toledo,” he said. “I’ve been talking with Coach (Robby) Discher the tight ends coach and Coach (Jason) Candle the head coach. They came by school and I liked what we’ve talked about so I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

“Saturday we’re heading to Indiana for another visit. I loved Indiana when I visited in the spring as the campus is beautiful, the weight room is great, and I can’t wait to see how the additions to the stadium have come along. I’m a little disappointed that Coach (Mike) DeBord is no longer there as I really liked him, and we had a really good relationship. But I’ve been talking with Coach (William) Inge and he’s a very good guy. We’ve had some good conversations about my interest and when I was planning to visit. I’m also looking forward to catching up with Coach (Nick) Sheridan the new tight ends coach.”

After posting an MVP performance at the Best of the Midwest Combine in February, Lang has added offers from Kent State, Ball State, Youngstown State and William & Mary with many more schools in contact.


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