Northwestern Pledge Marshall Lang Talks First Wildcats Game Experience

With an early pledge to Pat Fitzgerald and the Northwestern Wildcats, Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier tight end Marshall Lang set up his future this past summer.

However, Lang had never visited Evanston for a game day experience until this past weekend.

First Star Football Report spoke with Lang about his recent visit.

“It was awesome and so much fun,” said Lang. “They have a running back, Drake Anderson, he was so fun to watch. Watching him play, all he did was make people fall. While they didn’t have a tour, they had us on the field during pregame before we watched the game. Afterwards, we got a chance to talk with the coaches.

“It was my first time attending a game and I was definitely impressed as there are some large people on the field. In fact, one of their linebackers got laid out by someone smaller than him. That got me thinking about how even smaller players have some muscle on them. So that was impressive.”

Lang was quick to add there was more than what he saw on the field that impressed him and his parents on the visit.

“They haven’t started school yet and the stand were almost full,” he continued. “It was an insane environment and Northwester really is Chicago’s Big Ten team. On the way up there, I was thinking. No students, so probably not too many people will be there. However, I feel Northwestern is underrated as their fans really get into it. Right before halftime and everyone getting up to get food or go to the bathroom I looked up and it was packed. I’d never seen anything like that, so it was an experience.”

As for connecting with his future coaches, Lang knew beforehand time would be limited.  However, he did get a chance to connect with a handful of them.

“I talked with Coach (Jonny) Kovach, Coach Fitzgerald and Coach (Bob) Heffner,” he said. “They didn’t have a whole lot of time to talk because of the game. But Coach Heffner was excited to see me and wants me to get up there whenever I can. Coach Fitzgerald talked about how they shot themselves in the foot and how all their mistakes were mental mistakes. I agree with him on that as there is always room for improvement.”

Hopeful of getting back up for another game, Lang does know when he’ll be making official visit.

“My official visit is scheduled for December 13 to December 15-th,” he said. “I’m hoping we can get back up for another game this season, but it depends on what is going on with my season.”

Three weeks into the season Lang and the Bombers are 3-0 with the meat of their schedule still to come. Does Lang find it hard to believe each week means he’s one step closer to putting his high school career behind him?

“It’s hard to believe, really hard to believe,” he said. “It feels so much different than last year. Last season, it felt like just another year because you know your coming back. But now, you know you’re never going to get another first game at St. Xavier or a season opener at Paul Brown Stadium. So, it’s hard to believe each week means one more week closer to all this being over.”

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