During the past decade, teams from Southwest Ohio played in a total of 28 championship games.

During this period 14 state champions were crowned including four programs winning multiple championships.

Now the hard part as we name our program of the decade.

From the start of the decade until the end Trotwood-Madison was a team to be reckoned with making seven championship game appearances and winning a title under head coach Maurice Douglass in 2011 and head coach Jeff Graham in 2017 and 2019.

Cincinnati La Salle did win one more championship during the decade. However, with the number of championship appearances and a decade record of 117-26 as compared to the Lancers 90-33 mark, FirstStarFootballReport.com has selected the Trotwood-Madison Rams our Southwest Ohio football program of the decade.

FirstStarFootballReport.com congratulates the many coaches and players who made the Rams program our program of the decade. 

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