Three Currently Standing Out For Jake Seibert

The top kicker in the country is starting to feel an end to his recruitment could be coming sooner rather than later.

First Star Football Report caught up with Cincinnati (Ohio) La Salle kicker Jake Seibert about where his recruitment stands following three new offers since our last conversation.

“Since we last spoke, I didn’t have offers from UCLA, Michigan State or Ohio State,” said Seibert. “All of them are new offers and ultimately, it could come down to the three most likely schools I’ll choose from.”

A Five-Star prospect by Game Winner Kicking and First Star Football Report, Seibert talked about each school individually.

My visit to UCLA was great and the weather is incredible and beats anywhere else in the country. Their facilities are top notch and it’s a great place to play, especially under Coach (Chip) Kelly as the offense is going to score a lot of points all season long.

Distance is a small factor, but as I’ve been telling coaches, if I really like the school, I’m willing to look past that. The education I would receive at UCLA would be great as it’s such a hard school to get in to. I never imagined a school that far away from offering me.

On my visit I spoke with Coach Kelly for 15-20 minutes with my parents. I’m talking with Coach (Derek) Sage and Coach (Will) Rodriguez. He’s the one working with all the kickers, punters and snappers.

Michigan State is awesome, and I have a great relationship with their special team’s analyst Coach (Shayne) Graham. He works with all the kickers and I got a chance to watch him work one-on-one with all his kickers throughout practice when I visited. I really like how he runs things and feel he’d be a pretty good coach to play for.

For me it’s important to have a coach that I would have access to throughout my four or five years in college. I want to get bigger, stronger and faster as my ultimate goal is to reach the NFL.

I’ve not talked with Matt Coghlin much but hopefully that will change soon once I get back up there again. Right now, I may go up there from June 21 until June 23 for an official visit.

On my last visit Coach (Mark) Dantonio took the time, about 15-20 minutes to talk with me and discuss that he was really interested in offering a kicker as he hadn’t offered one yet. He took the time to talk with my dad and I for a long time after practice when he could have been getting back to work. So that meant a lot to me as he’s a down to earth guy and a coach I could trust.

I’ve always loved the Buckeyes and have watched their games on Saturdays. I’ve always been a big fan, especially when they were in the college playoffs as I was staying up real late to watch those games to make sure they won. Especially when they beat Alabama, that was a crazy game and it’s crazy to think I have an opportunity to be part of that team as they are always one of the best teams in the country every year. So that’s exciting.

I’ve been texting back and forth with Drew (Chrisman) about his situation as he got the same offer I did. Since he went to La Salle, it’s pretty easy to connect with him.

I visited with my mom and uncle and it was a pretty cool visit as it was a spring practice and their student appreciation day. So, it was a little different but cool to take the facilities tour. I didn’t get to spend time with Coach (Ryan) Day, but he’s been texting me a lot recently.

I’m going to be taking another visit to Ohio State, not sure when, but maybe next week.

Things have slowed down for Seibert but he’s not complaining as he feels he’s getting closer to making a decision.

“I’m pretty happy with these three offers,” he stressed. “I would like to make my decision by the end of June.”


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